CRISTAL Chantant


About crystal singing bowl

The Crystal Singing Bowl is a musical instrument made of Crystal, Ruby, Diamond, Rose Quartz, Emerald, and other gemstones. The healing effect from the Crystal Singing Bowl on health and beauty has attracted attention in recent years. It has been utilized in Yoga, therapies, luxurious hotel resort spas, movie music, healing surround sounds, and in many other situations.
RAURA Profile

Year 2006, as if guided by the beautiful sound of the Crystal Bowl, Raura began performing and composing music. The pure sound that comes out of her refined sensibility, captured the hearts of many people. Raura has appeared at opening ceremonies, product-launch parties, and numerous other events held by such distinguished brands as L’Oréal, BMW, De Beers, and Audi. She is active worldwide, already well-received in America and Europe. In 2014, she moved to Paris, France.

Artists Statement:
Meditation is the key to making Raura's music. She says, every sound she makes brings her great joy. The beautiful and graceful music reflects her aesthetics and philosophy. It brings out the inner beauty in people and spreads magic into their surrounding space. She considers the silence between sounds as part of her "art", an idea based on Eastern philosophy. Raura's message, "the world is beautiful," travels with the Crystal Bowl's vibration that makes aware of the earth beneath us, and reminds us of the connection we have with nature and of it's grandness.


Born and raised in Tokyo, Raura was exposed to many different arts. At an early age, she learned and enjoyed drawing. She took classes in Japanese calligraphy, flower arrangement, tea ceremony, and Aikido (Martial Arts). Throughout junior high and high school she studied acting, both in Japan and in the U.S.
In college, while studying, psychology, behavioral science, and HRM (Human Resource Management), she had an opportunity to visit a spa resort. She was exposed to an environment dedicated to creating a therapeutic experience, including techniques as Sound Therapy. Raura's experience here became a turning point in her life. Inspired and changed, she began her studies in Color Therapy, Aroma Therapy, and Spa Business Management. She went onto learn about the sacred power of "Mana" in Hawaii, and meditation in India.
Discovering the Crystal Bowl was a revelation for Raura. She felt that it could bring together and express her various interests of spiritualism, art, psychology, and philosophy. In 2006, having found a unique sound to express her aesthetics and philosophy, she debuted as a professional Crystal Bowl player.

In 2010,

at the BMW's launch of their first hybrid car, Raura played the Crystal Bowl together with nature and futuristic sounds as a surround sound installation. In the same year November, her first album "Serenity - Sleep Cuddled in the Beautiful Sound" was released, and this became a supplement to "Misty," a Japanese magazine which featured her in a four-page article.

In 2011,

Raura moved her base to the U.S.A. She gained exposure through another special four-page article featured in "Misty" magazine July issue, which included her second CD as a supplement to the magazine. In this year, the 2011 Tōhoku Earthquake and Tsunami hit Japan. Raura did several memorial and charity concerts, including events where over 30,000 people attended.

In 2012,

Raura started a research project with Crystal Resonance Lab, a lab owned by a U.S. musical instrument maker, Crystal Tones. Her CD album was released by Crystal Tones' musical label and was used in their advertisement. Raura was awarded the title "The Crystal Master," only the fourth in the world to be given the title by Crystal Tones.

In 2013,

Raura started her career in Europe. She participated in a compilation album, "Winter Chill Deluxe 4.0," produced by a German label, Blue Flame Records, as the only Japanese artist. In Belgium, "Atelier Relief" released an art piece with Raura as the model. With Spanish fashion brand, Alex Vinash, she did a collaboration of fashion and Crystal Bowl, expressing the world of the color white. She also performed at the French cosmetic company, L'Oreal's "Global Summit".

In 2014,

NYC, Raura performed on stage in a play, "The Day After Milk" produced by PCP Media. In June, she had a concert in an Armenian church, Paris, France. Her tickets were sold out in a few days. The same year, Dr. Hiroyuki Kono, at the Graduate School of Juntendo University, specializing in anti-aging psychology, scientifically proved that her music had the 1/f noise, vibration same as found in nature. She joined, for the second time, in the compilation album, "Winter Chill Deluxe 4.0," released by German label, Blue flame Records.

In 2015, February,

at the Japanese Cultural Center in Paris, France, Raura had her world premiere of her solo concert, "Lumière de Paris." She also had shows at theaters and art galleries in Paris. In November, in 8th Arrondissement, Paris, she had a concert, "Raura et le Cristal Chantant," as part of a cultural project. In this year, her art career became more active in Japan. Following a concert in March at the Kyorin University Hospital in Tokyo, she began to spend time in both Japan and Paris. In September, she participated in "The 13th Cultural Project Concert" produced by KAI Corporation, a company specializing in making razors, kitchen accessories, and beauty products. She performed alongside numerous successful Japanese artists: a singer and a musical actor, Ryuichi Kawamura; a classical pianist, a musical director and a producer, Satoru Shionoya; a flamenco guitarist, Jin Oki; and a New York-based tap dancer, Kazunori Kumagai. In October, with scientific proof that the melody of the Crystal Singing having positive influence on beauty, Raura gave a concert at the launch of Shisedo's new product line "Clé de Peau Beauté." In November, she was invited to play at the International Foundation of Kyoto celebrating the 400 Years of Rimpa School of Japanese Painting. The theme was called "Rinrin, the Sound of Pearls." Also in November, Hario Corporation, a heat-resistant glass brand company, invited her to their annual party, "Hario Kai". There, she performed with Hideki Togi, a traditional Japanese gagaku music master. She was presented with a crystal bowl made by Hario Corp. specially for her.

In 2016, February,

Raura appeared in a Japanese TV program. She performed and talked about her vision as an artist. In April, she was invited to play at the French Ambassador's residence in Tokyo, at a VIP party sponsored by French Jewelry brand, Van Cleef & Arpels, celebrating the opening of their Ginza-Tokyo store. In July, she had her second performance of "Lumiere de Paris," at the Japanese Cultural Center, Paris. She opened her art studio near the Senne River, in 7th arrondissements, Paris. In November, at Yamanashi Museum, Japan, she performed at a memorial concert, "French Landscape: A Story of Strolling Among Trees: Corot, Pissarro, Monet, Matisse." This year, being the 10th anniversary of her career, she started the Crystal Bowl Academy, RAURA Crystal Resonance Institute.